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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


this what people said..
"if you never sleep late or never did not sleep, you are not a student"

why?? hurm.. for me.. 
majority of student will do last minutes jobs.
so, the stack of assignment have to finish it.
then, if you sleep u will be sorry to yourself

this is what i feel now.. T_T
n now i have to deserve it ;(

Here am I :)

here am i..
its taking long time for me think what i have to post in my entry.
yaa.. now i know.
actually this this my story on my a week holiday before.
i just go to my old workplace.
i met my old friend a.k.a my ex-boyfriend a.k.a my best friend before.
yups BEFORE. now? i feel like i hate him.
ermm not HATE actually but..
just did not have any feel for talk, meet, or make any conference with him.
i really disappointed
it just because of only one text i asked him before..

"erm kau simpan lagi tak Doa Qunut yg aku bg dulu? dah hafal ke?"
(do you still keeping the Doa Qunut i give you before? and have you memorize it?")
and his answer
"em sorry la, aku tak hafal lagi.. n dah hilang pun kertas tu"
(em sorry, i did not memorize it yet and the paper has lost")

seriously, i am really disappointed with his answer..
can you imagine.. the Doa Qunut was very important for Solat Subuh..
if he did not memorize it yet.. is not it means he did not perform Solat Subuh?
actually when i met him again as my colleagues.. i began to fall in love with him again
but.. when the things that i hope from him was simply lightly by him..
the only one texting answer  from him was make me lost faith on him..
i'm sorry.. but that is it..

why this story told out?
this because i suddenly remembered about him..
i really hope he realize and back to the path ..
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