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Saturday, October 1, 2011


seriously i miss you
but, who am i that can be the one in yr heart?
the attitude that u bring in our introduction were make me like u
seriously, u r different from others
i think i need u.. but, u r the one who make us have the distance now
i dont know wether i've to start it all over again or just wait for u???

why u act like this?
being alone
stay in silent
am i annoying u?
am i hurt yr feeling?
tell me the truth please..

if there any girls that u admire..
please share yr feel to that girl with me..
i more appreciate if u can share with me..
coz i really like to be a good friend reather than being a lover that will hurt u..
please.. don't do this to me..
u really chaos my mind right now =(
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